Morgaines Musings


Known also by CamelotScribe, Morgaine, Angelseed.Teresa.
My muse has given me a few different names over the years and then there’s my own. 🙂


October 4, 2010

Latest News.

Welcome to Morgaine’s Musings.

I have been working on transferring most of my written works to this blog so I have them all in one place, too much time was spent going from blog to blog and then trying to keep track of them all!I think I have transferred mostof my writings here now and hope you will enjoy reading them and following some of the links, should you choose to – to see and understand where most of the inspiration for my writings originated. 

Just so there is no confusion I have written under a few names and these can been seen below. 

Terry,Morgaine, CamelotScribe,

Teresa, angelseed.

July 22,2006 


I love to write and most of these works have been inspired at

Soul Food Cafe.

I have included links to Soul Food Cafe’s various blogs under each category here atMorgaines Musings. I highly recommend visiting Soul Food Cafe via the above link or any of its blogs via the links included.


To the right you will see a list of Catergories,just click on one of them to begin.  Thank you for visiting my blog.



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